IBIL, the partner with most experience for the mobility change

IBIL offers all the reliability of its 10 years’ experience developing technology and operating the largest network of charging points in Spain.

Its greatest guarantee are its clients—large institutions and environmentally-aware companies, pioneers in e-mobility, all motivated by a desire for increased sustainability.

The following are some of our clients:

Automotive Industry and Mobility

The automotive industry is  the most influential in the change to electric mobility. Leading brands recognise IBIL’s importance and trust it in the move to more sustainable mobility.

Public sector

Public authorities and institutions have been amongst the first to opt for sustainable mobility, helping to improve the quality of life of all citizens.

Energy and services

Energy and services companies are already taking advantage of the great opportunities of offering comprehensive solutions for their customers’ mobility.

U Energia


More and more companies with their own fleets are switching to e-mobility and discovering all the savings and benefits of more sustainable modes of transport.

Leisure and Retail

Anywhere where vehicles are parked for long periods of time offers a good opportunity for EV charging. Such locations are ideal sites for charging points.