Energy supply to electric vehicles

A new business opportunity

The traditional customer offering can be extended with the provision of a comprehensive service that simplifies home and street charging:

  • This boosts customer loyalty and increases revenue.
  • It helps attract new customers by offering a distinct service
  • Offering this attractive new service to customers with the company’s own brand, adds value in terms of innovation, digitisation and sustainability

The solution for large companies wanting to develop an e-transport business

New services, new customers

Customers are more willing to accept a new product if it is offered by their regular supplier. With IBIL, the charging service bears the client’s own brand image, meaning that as far as the user is concerned, it forms an integral part of its business.

The solution is already developed, and can therefore be incorporated immediately. In its 10 years operating in the field of e-transport, IBIL has developed the best solutions in both the public and the private sphere. IBIL replicates its systems to optimise the charging service by offering the latest applications on the market, with the client’s brand, quickly and at low cost, because the technology is already developed and tested.

Service integrated into the business

Our clients have total control of the new charging business, because they themselves determine their own sales policies, including price, loyalty promotions and charge power.

Charging points are managed online, with the charging equipment connected to the IBILcloud charging platform. This allows access to real-time consumption data, with the possibility of obtaining reports and statistics.

The IBILcloud platform is also a powerful CRM and smart business tool, facilitating supply segmentation and the development of new products based on customer information.

Billing for the charging service can be integrated into the client’s regular system.

The best user experience

IBIL gives access to the largest public network in the country—and the only one offering ultra-fast charging technology. In the private area, it offers a wide range of connected smart equipment, to meet the specific needs of each location.

Users can access the network via a mobile application or user card and the charging service invoices them swiftly from the app, via card payment and the issuing of a receipt or through monthly billing. Data on consumption and invoices are available at all times in the restricted user zone.

The IBIL infrastructure offers the greatest supply guarantee and is backed by a round-the-clock 365-day customer care service, which can operate remotely in real-time on the equipment to resolve any incidents.

Roll-out of the network, a first step in building a sustainable business

U Energia is a nationwide power retailer and telecommunications operator based in the Balearic Islands.

The company has now begun to develop its own network of EV charging points in Mallorca. The first was erected in Sóller, to serve clients of the Hotel Marina. With this project, U Energia is taking a further step in its clear and determined commitment to encouraging the use of renewable and environmentally-friendly energy.

This is the first charging station of many that will soon be installed across the island, serving residents and visitors alike. Each installation operates independently and is managed remotely, with no need for intervention by the lessor, thus avoiding complications.

Customer references

Aduriz Energía
U Energia