The decarbonisation of transport is now a reality

Large companies are already adapting their business to the new e-mobility

E-mobility is unstoppable, with an ever greater offering of vehicles and new associated developments from the automotive industry. At the same time, new legislation and restrictions on the use of combustion engines in cities are leading ever more companies to join the change and enjoy the advantages of sustainable mobility:

  • Saving time and money with vehicles that have lower consumption and maintenance costs.
  • Positioning themselves as innovative, sustainable and digitised organisations.
  • Fulfilling their responsibility to create a better noise and pollution-free working environment and facilitating employees who have already opted for this new form of transport.

The technological response for charging an EV fleet

Solution tailored to each company

IBIL develops solutions tailored to any need, from electrification of a company fleet to charging facilities for employees or visitors. Over 1,800 units are now in operation, developed in projects tailored to different client requirements.

The infrastructure has been developed for any charging technology, applying the necessary knowledge to optimise facilities with smart power management equipment.

IBIL offers the best service guarantee to large and small organisations alike.

Fleet and consumption control

All charging units are connected to the IBILcloud platform, allowing online management of the infrastructure.

This real time communication allows access to all charging data, and is a powerful tool for fleet and consumption control.

The client has a private area, where the fleet manager and users can access vehicle charging data, collate information by projects or drivers and call up exportable statistics and reports.

The best user experience

The user accesses the charging network using a mobile app or card and connects the vehicle to fast, reliable and ergonomic equipment, designed for day-to-day company use.

IBIL’s service also gives access to the largest public network in the country—and the only one offering ultra-fast charging technology.

The IBIL infrastructure offers the greatest supply guarantee and is backed by a round-the-clock 365-day customer care service, which can operate remotely in real-time on the equipment to resolve any incidents.

ASISA, a medical team with unrestricted access to central Madrid

New restrictions on access to the centres of large cities such as Madrid poses an important obstacle to the operations of many companies.

ASISA offers home visits by doctors, and speed of response is therefore a priority. By switching to e-mobility and commissioning 11 terminals in 5 different locations, the company has managed to save time and slash around €16,000 per year in parking fines and vehicle usage costs.

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