The largest network of connected charging points

Based on our understanding of the needs of agents involved in the mobility change, we have developed EV charging technology in two main areas:

charging infrastructure

services platform

Our technology department is working on R&D projects that optimise the charging experience in 3 areas: speed, coverage and ease of use.

Guidance for clients

Guidance for clients

IBIL’s clients stand at the heart of all its operations.

The market development department identifies the specific requirements of each business and offers guidance on installing the most suitable charging network.

The true protagonists of the system are the users of the electric vehicles themselves and we gear our service towards ensuring their complete satisfaction.

Technological consultancy

Technological consultancy

IBIL places its knowledge and experience at its clients’ service to facilitate the development of customised networks and┬ábusiness models that promote the mobility change.

Each project is unique, from selection of the best terminals through to installation, with particular emphasis on the charging service management platform and associated app. Each decision can be tailored to the specific needs of the business.

Turnkey project

Turnkey project

Once the process has set underway, IBIL sets up the best project team for the job. Our technical office is responsible for ensuring that each phase is completed under optimal conditions and reporting to the client on all key issues.

Please contact us for further information on our projects and advice on launching your own charging business.

We offer solutions that are specially tailored to your company’s needs, from charging services for your own fleet through to energy management and interoperability services.