Backed by its knowledge of the industry and technology, IBIL can operate as a catalyst for solutions to facilate e-mobility.

The company’s goal is to play a key role in the energy transition, improving overall quality of life and driving industrial development and research and innovation in partnership with leading suppliers and technology centres, to create a new ecosystem that will ensure sustainability and benefit all actors in the mobility changeover.


A collaboration agreement has been signed between IBIL and the Spanish power grid, Red Eléctrica, to promote the integration of ultra-fast charging for EVs in the system.

The aim is to promote electrical transport in Spain by developing ultra-fast charging infrastructures and new tools to help ensure system stability and by analysing the impact of V2G technology, which will allow vehicles to feed power back into the grid.

Suppliers of charging points

IBIL is leading an ecosystem in partnership with key industrial players in the field of measurement and control, who are bringing improved user experience to the roll-out of the network.

Cross-discipline teams from industry and technology are researching optimal industrial solutions for user satisfaction and efficiency of the power system.

The result of this partnership has been the development of the first ultra-fast charging point in Southern Europe.


Thanks to collaboration agreements with leading brands, we have up-to-date information on the vehicles currently available on the market. In this way, IBIL can give advice on the car that best matches each driver’s specific needs.

Moreover, if you buy an EV from a dealership, you can also request the charging solution at the same time