Electric mobility is unstoppable

Now is the time to become part of the change

EV drivers look for places where they can charge their vehicles while they are enjoying their leisure time. Providing a charging service means offering differential value that will attract customers and help the business to:

  • Increase client revenue with a service that answers their needs.
  • Boost loyalty among existing customers who have already taken the step towards clean mobility
  • Be more visible on search engines and position itself as a modern, digital and sustainable business.

IBIL is the partner with the longest experience in offering charging services for electric vehicles

Charging as an additional service

IBIL has 10 years’ experience in e-mobility with fully developed and tested technology. As a result, we can introduce the charging service in any business quickly and effectively.

We can offer viable turnkey projects to suit any location and charging type, which can be tailored to the specific needs of every business.

The charging service can be billed according to the establishment’s own policy, either as an added service or included in the price of the regular offering. IBIL systems allow establishments to offer customer loyalty promotions.

Integrated into the business

All charging units are connected to the IBILcloud platform, allowing online management of the infrastructure.

This real-time communication enables access to charging data. The client has a private area, where they can view the charging data of vehicles and call up exportable statistics and reports.

With IBIL technology, it is possible to optimise the infrastructure by managing the energy delivered more efficiently, ensuring that vehicles are charged at maximum power without affecting other installations.

The best user experience

IBIL’s service gives access to the largest public network in the country—and the only one offering ultra-fast charging technology.

Users can access the network via a mobile app or user card and the charging service bills them swiftly and simply from the app, via card payment with a receipt or through monthly billing. Data on consumption and invoices are available at all times in the restricted user zone.

The IBIL infrastructure offers the greatest supply guarantee and is backed by a round-the-clock 365-day customer care service, which can operate remotely in real-time on the equipment to resolve any incidents.

Last mile distribution with electric vans

Since 2005, Supermercados Condis has been showcasing its commitment to the environment through projects of sustainable mobility.

It now has 9 charging points at 5 different bases. This type of charging service saves the company time; the vehicles are charged by night and are then ready to make deliveries during the day. As well as the savings in investment costs, employees value the absence of noise, smoothness and acceleration of this type of van.

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