Repsol: first ultra-fast charging station in Spain

The facility, located at Repsol’s service station in Lopidana (Alava), can charge compatible EVs in 5-10 minutes, comparable to the time taken for conventional refuelling.

The new ultra-fast charging system has a maximum power of 700 kW, which can be distributed between the various supply points depending on vehicle charge capacity. It represents a major step forward for EV use in interurban transport.

Roll-out of the network, a first step in building a sustainable business

U Energia is a nationwide power retailer and telecommunications operator based in the Balearic Islands.

The company has now begun to develop its own network of EV charging points in Mallorca. The first was erected in Sóller, to serve clients of the Hotel Marina. With this project, U Energia is taking a further step in its clear and determined commitment to encouraging the use of renewable and environmentally-friendly energy.

This is the first charging station of many that will soon be installed across the island, serving residents and visitors alike. Each installation operates independently and is managed remotely, with no need for intervention by the lessor, thus avoiding complications.

Electrification of OEMs/dealerships

Since 2011, IBIL has been working with other OEMs, helping them to electrify their network of new EV points of sale under framework agreements. It has provided a comprehensive service for both manufacturers and dealerships, working with them on all the necessary B2B and B2C operations.

ASISA, a medical team with unrestricted access to central Madrid

New restrictions on access to the centres of large cities such as Madrid poses an important obstacle to the operations of many companies.

ASISA offers home visits by doctors, and speed of response is therefore a priority. By switching to e-mobility and commissioning 11 terminals in 5 different locations, the company has managed to save time and slash around €16,000 per year in parking fines and vehicle usage costs.

International Spanish textile wholesaler

Supply, installation and maintenance of equipment and services at the company’s head offices and eight logistics platforms in different provinces of Spain, with over 97% availability.

The company’s charging network is constantly being extended. IBIL offers advice and assessment in corporate decision-making related to e-mobility.

Talleres Luis Santamaría, one of the first mechanics to offer e-mobility services

Talleres Luis Santamaría has seen a business opportunity in sustainable mobility and by adapting its workshops to offer the best service for EVs, now has an edge on its competitors.

With an area containing specific EV tools and charging equipment, they extended their offering, boosting customer loyalty and attracting new clientele.

The 24×7 service, indispensable for Smatsa to be able to offer a reliable and regular management.

From over 40 years, Serveis Medi Ambient S.A. (Smatsa) has been managing waste disposal and road cleaning services in the city of Sabadell.

The company now has charging terminals at different work centres. It can check key consumption information via the IBIL client platform.
Smatsa offers a round-the-clock 365-day-a-year service, and it is therefore important that IBIL’s customer care service is also 24/7.

Last mile distribution with electric vans

Since 2005, Supermercados Condis has been showcasing its commitment to the environment through projects of sustainable mobility.

It now has 9 charging points at 5 different bases. This type of charging service saves the company time; the vehicles are charged by night and are then ready to make deliveries during the day. As well as the savings in investment costs, employees value the absence of noise, smoothness and acceleration of this type of van.