We develop and operate the infrastructure, backed by a network of top industrial suppliers.

We are working to ensure security and continuity of the system throughout the mobility change process, developing solutions for managing storage, control and capacity of all points. We base our approach on continuous improvement in 3 areas of action:

Equipment designed for different charge types to improve the user’s experience

Charge time: Approx. 6 mins.

Equipment installed mainly in service stations, for on-the-road public charging.

Only technology of its kind in Spain, allowing a major reduction in charging times at up to 400kW.

Charge time: Approx. 25 mins.

Commonly installed in roadside points and service stations. Also used by private companies with high fleet rotation.

These units can provide DC (up to 50kW) and AC (up to 43kW) charging, and include all standard connectors.

Technical details

Charge time: Approx. 2 hours

Designed for public and private sites where vehicles are parked for long periods of time.

These AC units of up to 22kW can be configured for the necessary power levels and connectors. All ground and wall-mounted models are suitable for interiors and exteriors.

Technical details

Charge time: Approx. 1 hour.

Installed in public or private locations for charging motorcycles and scooters.

With a power level of 2.3kW per connector, the number of Schuko-type plugs per unit varies depending on charging requirements.

Technical details

Optimised electrical installation for each site. Based on a study of the site and network design, we plan and develop all aspects of the project, through to authorisation and commissioning.


In storage, power management, ultra-fast charging…

Any size

From private garages to networked solutions

Turnkey project

The best guarantee available on the market, because the infrastructure is operated as a service:



All points and networks are linked in real time to our control centre.

The entire network is connected to the system operator for energy control.



Our platform can integrate any terminal using the OCPP protocol.

Users can charge their vehicles using a range of payment and authentication methods: RFID card, mobile app or credit/debit card.



We guarantee maximum charging reliability. Our preventative and corrective maintenance ensures service availability.

We have dynamic maps of charge point status. We can remotely configure the units, update software and operate on equipment.