IBILcloud is the charging service’s control and management platform.

The most powerful tool for management, CRM and business intelligence

100% connectable to other systems.

Flexible, can be adapted to different public and private settings.

Our technology enables us to offer EV users the best applications


The mobile app simplifies vehicle charging.

Charging points are displayed on the map, and can be filtered by charge and connector type. To ensure availability, users can reserve the charging point in advance.

Payment is by credit/debit card. Just by signing up, users can access the largest network of charging points in the country. Invoices and consumption data can be accessed at any time.

User Zone

The User Zone of the website is the client’s private area, containing all relevant information on charging operations.

It is particularly useful for fleet managers who can bring up exportable consumption reports, filtered by date, card, vehicle or usage type

and analyse the curve for each charging operation.

New users can be created and managed, and registration data checked.


This 24 / 7 service ensures total availability and attention at all times.

With a real-time connection between the control centre and the charging units, our team can solve incidents remotely without sending a technician out to the site, thus cutting waiting times for users.

IBILcloud allows connection to the largest European networks,
meaning that users can access any charging point easily and conveniently.

Please contact us for further information on our projects and advice on launching your own charging business.

We offer solutions that are specially tailored to your company’s needs, from charging services for your own fleet through to energy management and interoperability services.