Increased road range

Supplying energy for new mobility

Service stations can extend their offering and provide customers with a new service for electrical vehicles. The result is to:

  • Capture and boost customer loyalty.
  • Increase direct and indirect revenue—for example by increasing the length of time users spend in service stations.
  • Add values such as innovation, digitisation and sustainability.

IBIL, leaders in charging technology and systems in Spain


Repsol, the national leader in service stations, has chosen IBIL as its partner for electrification of its facilities. Our proven experience in these contexts and our own-developed technological systems guarantee user supply and satisfaction.

If the client wishes, the service station’s own image can be used as the brand for the charging service. Asa result, end users will see EV charging as an additional product offered by their regular supplier.

With the backing of 10 years’ experience and development, the process of installing the new charging service is swift and simple. As well as offering a turnkey delivery, IBIL’s technology allows total control of the charging business.

Service fully integrated into your business

Our clients have total control of the new charging business, because the service station itself determines its own sales policies, including price, loyalty promotions and charge power. Third parties have no control over energy supply decisions.

The process of billing users for the charging service can be integrated into the service station’s own system. This means that charging can be invoiced just like any other product, and included on the regular bill, or paid via the app on their mobile phone, with a receipt issued

Because the charging equipment is connected to the IBILcloud charging platform, it allows real time access to all energy data and consumption statistics.

The best user experience

With the incorporation of ultra-fast charging technology, battery charging times can be cut to just 6 minutes.

The user’s experience at the service station is improved by the possibility of charging in just a few minutes and the simplicity of the process via the mobile app.

The IBIL infrastructure offers the greatest supply guarantee and is backed by a round-the-clock 365-day customer care service, which can operate remotely in real-time on the equipment to resolve any incidents.

Repsol: first ultra-fast charging station in Spain

The facility, located at Repsol’s service station in Lopidana (Alava), can charge compatible EVs in 5-10 minutes, comparable to the time taken for conventional refuelling.

The new ultra-fast charging system has a maximum power of 700 kW, which can be distributed between the various supply points depending on vehicle charge capacity. It represents a major step forward for EV use in interurban transport.

Repsol plans to install the same technology at a further four stations during 2019, adding to its existing network of over xxx fast charge points.

Customer references

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