Dealerships and mechanics

Facilitators of the mobility change

The automotive industry is the sector most closely involved in the mobility change. EV-linked services, including battery charging, represent a growth opportunity that can:

  • Increase business and revenue, with new product offerings.
  • Boost loyalty among existing customers and attract new ones.
  • Encourage a move to sustainable, up-to-date digital mobility.

IBIL can offer the best solution for every business

Extensive experience

With over 10 years’ history in developing charging technology, IBIL has wide experience in partnering brands from initial electrification of dealerships to accreditations for charging equipment.

Our solutions are custom-developed to match any requirement. Over 1,800 units are now in operation, developed in projects tailored to different client requirements,

From home solutions for individual users, in private or shared garages, to companies with large facilities and power management needs. And at the same time, we also install and operate the largest network of charging points in Spain.

Integrated service

Technological optimisation of the IBILcloud platform has simplified the management and integration of charging services in new e-mobility businesses.

At the heart of the platform is the control centre, which is linked to all IBIL-operated charging points. This allows remote management of the infrastructure and access to charging data in the cloud… anywhere, anytime. These developments have made it simple to integrate billing for the charging services into the client’s regular system.

The platform is also a powerful CRM and business intelligence tool, which can be used to check the current status of the services contracted by the client and obtain statistics on the power delivered, with a range of filters and exportable reports.

The best user experience

IBIL’s service gives access to the largest public network in the country—and the only one offering ultra-fast charging technology.

Users can access the network via a mobile app or user card and the charging service bills them swiftly and simply from the app, via card payment with a receipt or through monthly billing. Data on consumption and invoices are available at all times in the restricted user zone.

The IBIL infrastructure offers the greatest supply guarantee and is backed by a round-the-clock 365-day customer care service, which can operate remotely in real-time on the equipment to resolve any incidents.

Talleres Luis Santamaría, one of the first mechanics to offer e-mobility services

Talleres Luis Santamaría has seen a business opportunity in sustainable mobility and by adapting its workshops to offer the best service for EVs, now has an edge on its competitors.

With an area containing specific EV tools and charging equipment, they extended their offering, boosting customer loyalty and attracting new clientele.

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